Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Bollards in Melbourne

Because of the important role bollards Melbourne has play in keeping establishments, pedestrians, and vehicles safe, you can find them installed along many streets within the city. They are used by many businesses to promote safety in their premises.

Bollards melbourne

Now, if you are starting a business within the city, you might also want to install some bollards yourself. However, what type should you get? With a wide variety of styles on the market today, choosing the best ones for your location can be a challenge.

Here are the important factors that you should consider to make the task a lot easier:

  • Location

The first thing that you should consider when choosing bollards for your establishment is where to install them. Is your location prone to traffic or pedestrian accidents? Or, is it an easy target for trespassers or vandals? Typically, areas that need more security are the ones that highly need bollards.

Aside from security, you should also consider installing them in a way that would not ruin the kerb appeal of your establishment. You can use them side by side with other works of art to achieve a pleasing look.

  • Vehicle Access

Typically, bollards Melbourne has prevent pedestrians or vehicles from coming into an area or guide them along preferred routes. In many cases, their installation will be permanent, as they will be affixed with anchors, and their bases would even be planted under concrete. They will be difficult to remove if you replace them due to certain design changes.

On that note, it is crucial to think about how vehicles access your premises. Does your vehicle access changes with the season? In this case, you can choose to install retractable or portable bollards. In a way, these types can be easily shifted to allow access at certain times of the year.

  • Aesthetics

Bollards are usually placed in front of a building and can easily affect the overall appeal of an establishment. For this reason, you should carefully choose those that are pleasing to the public eye. While you prioritise its function, you should not compromise on design. Make no mistake, bollards that do not blend well with your exteriors will somehow affect how your customers are impressed with your establishment.

So, choose bollards that will rather enhance the look of your business than ruin it.

  • Impact Resistance

One main purpose of bollards Melbourne has is to provide protection against vehicle crashes. So, when choosing those for your establishment, make sure they offer good impact resistance.

Keep in mind that different types of bollards offer various levels of impact resistance. If you are dealing with traffic involving light vehicles, you can settle with the more flexible ones. On the other hand, if large vehicles pass by your establishment most of the time, you might want to go for the rigid ones, as they offer better protection.

  • Outdoor Conditions

Your area’s weather conditions are also an important determining factor when choosing bollards in Melbourne. While it does not actually snow in this city, there are times of the year when the visibility is low. For example, autumn and winter in the city can bring rain and cold temperatures that cause fogs. With that in mind, you can choose bollards that are highly noticeable. They work well in directing traffic during these seasons.

  • Maintenance

Like many products, bollards also require maintenance. Although some designs can stay functional after multiple impacts due to their great rebounding capabilities, others get damaged and lose their functionality easily.

While you might think that choosing sidewalk and traffic control measures, such as bollards, is easy, it is not! Keep all the factors mentioned above in mind and evaluate all your requirements to come up with the best decision for your bottom line.

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