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Solar Powered Driveway alarms and alerts inform you of visitors or customers to your home or business. Use for home security or customer service. We have many models to choose from to best meet your needs. We have American made models and solar powered models.

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Driveway Monitor, Solar Powered

Driveway Monitor

Wireless Solar Driveway Alarm Monitor with or without Indoor Lamp Controller

The Driveway Monitor™ tells you when a vehicle is entering your driveway. The sensor is designed to watch the magnetic field change as a vehicle passes . It will only detect large metal objects. Animals, people or shadows will not trigger the Driveway Monitor™. The sensor sends a radio signal, up to 1000 feet away, to the Driveway Monitor™ alarm receiver in the home that lets you know that a vehicle has arrived.
  • Whenever a vehicle crosses the wireless Driveway Monitor's™ invisible beam, a radio signal triggers the system's receiver inside your home.
  • Alerts you with a distinctive chime and a flashing red light up to 1,000 feet away.
  • Activate the Lamp Controller and the signal also turns on a lamp inside your home.
  • Activated only by the movement of metal objects ? so you won't have to hassle with false alarms.

Alerts You When Vehicles Come Up Your Driveway

Will not detect animals, only vehicles!

  • No more unannounced visitors driving up to your home or office!
  • Receiver chimes and flashes when a vehicle drives past the sensor in your driveway.
  • Place the receiver in your kitchen, bedroom, or next to your favorite chair. The receiver will chime and the green LED light will flash constantly to alert you that a vehicle is approaching.
  • Small, rugged, weatherproof sensor provides years of reliable service.
  • Extra sensors are available to monitor more than one area.

Model Description Price
DM1000SP Driveway Monitor, Solar Powered Being Replaced Soon
$159.98 $139.98
(Save $20)
Out of Stock
DM1000SPLAMP Driveway Monitor, Solar Powered, with Lamp Control Being Replaced Soon
$199.98 $169.98
(Save $30)
Out of Stock

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